An evil king has stolen the magic Twinkle Stars*

If not recovered, the people of Dream Land** could starve***.

Kirby, a roly-poly**** little hero, runs, jumps, floats, and swims in search of the treasured Twinkle Stars*

Are you Kirby? Is anyone? Is everyone?

* wine
** Twitter
*** run out of wine
**** svelte

A Bottle Swap

Yes, but with a twist, and done over ZOOM.

Sign up to give me your details. We'll figure out a date and time, then I'll tell you where to send your bottle.

Around the same time you'll receive a bottle in the post from someone else.

We then all get together on a relaxed ZOOM chat, drink our wines, and perhaps we'll try to decode who sent which bottle to who. 

It's all very simple. A little get together little with purpose. 


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