Why Fund Me?

There are only a few Masters of Wine, just shy of 500. I want to join this revered club before everyone else does. But. It costs a fair bit of money to do so. More money than I have.

So, I'm asking you for help.  Will you Make Me a Master?


Look, I'm not suggesting you help me to become a Jedi, Luke, I just need you to chip in a tenner like everyone else.

Plus, Master Of Wine sounds cool.

Watch the video, it explains everything you need to know. If you want to chip in, head to the GoFundMe Page.

Whats a Master of Wine?

The Institute of Masters of Wine will explain that for you.
"The MW exam tests the breadth and depth of a candidate’s theoretical knowledge and tasting skills in the art, science and business of wine.

By passing the MW exam, you become a member of the IMW, gain the title Master of Wine and can use the initials MW after your name.

The MW exam is a series of tasting and theory papers, plus an in-depth research project.

It's More Rewarding if You Join In...

Yes, there are rewards, but that's not entirely the point. The satisfaction of backing the underdog, the outsider, the Happy Gilmore. It's about joining me on my journey and being part of the community.
Under £50 | THANK YOU!!!
Trust me, I'll try my hardest. In return you'll feel a sense of pride that you played your part in making it all happen. 

Over £50 | YOU. ARE. AWESOME.
I'll sign you up to my Subscription Newsletter.
Come on in...  You'll be a part of the club. get the scoop on inner workings of the MW process. You'll also have direct access to an MW Student in your pocket, whenever, wherever you like.  Ask me Anything 24/7 via WhatsApp, Twitter DM or IG Messages, in fact however you like.

All the above, plus. I promise that we'll work out something together that covers the cost of your investment in me, plus a little interest.
Completely Bespoke.
Maybe I'll host a wine tasting for you and your friends? Host an evening at your wine bar or restaurant? Or, you know what, suggest some ideas and we'll figure it out. 


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